Armored SUV

Armored SUV

RUNFLAT Inserts provide the vehicle capability to continue journey for extended distance while experiencing one or more deflated or damaged tires hit by an Amour Piercing Round, Tire Blast or a Failure.


Runflat Tire Sizes for Uparmored SUV are:
195 70R 15
215 75R 15
245 70R 16
245 75R 16
265 70R 17
285 65R 17
255 50R 18
275 70R 18
265 45R 19
265 50R 20
285 45R 20, etc.

All RUNFLATS are Manufactured in-house and follow MAKE IN INDIA initiative.

All Our RUNFLAT Inserts comply with FINABEL & NATO Standards and can be customized as per specific end user test requirements.

Our RUNFLATS are Ballistic tested using 7.62x54R caliber, 155 Grain, B32 API ammunition at H.P White Laboratories, Inc., USA.

Load Rating Test is done at Taiwan Rubber Research & Testing Center, TAIWAN.

Runflat Tire Systems are Certified, Approved and In-Use by ARMY, DRDO, SPG, PARA MILITARY, POLICE and OTHER ARMORED VEHICLE MANUFACTURERS across the World.

Other Specifications:

Product : Patrol Runflat
Material : Ballistic Composite
Country Of Origin : India
Price : On Request


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