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Beadlock System

Introduction to Beadlock Systems


A beadlock system is a crucial component in military vehicles, designed to ensure that the tire remains securely attached to the wheel, even when operating under extreme conditions. This technology is vital for maintaining mobility, enhancing safety, and providing operational efficiency in diverse and challenging terrains.

How Beadlock Works:

Beadlocks are devices that clamp the tire’s bead (the edge of the tire that sits on the wheel) to the wheel, preventing it from becoming detached or “unseated.” This is particularly important when operating at low tire pressures, which is common in off-road and tactical situations to increase traction and improve ride quality.

Applications in Military Vehicles :

Beadlock systems are utilized across various military vehicle platforms, including:

Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs): Ensuring that these vehicles can traverse hostile terrains without compromising safety.

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs): Providing superior traction and stability in reconnaissance and rapid response scenarios.

Logistical Support Vehicles: Enhancing the mobility of supply and support convoys, crucial for sustaining military operations.

Benefits of BeadLock Systems

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